Increase Knowledge Before You Step in Venture Capital Market

Venture capital market is a special sector from where many businesses raise money for the funding of projects for their company. This is a part of the private sector. This is a different mode of raising money than the traditional manner of taking loans from financial institutions. This is been done by the intelligent business men who know that a huge amount of money can be taken from the liquid capital that exists in the private sector.

You want to raise a small amount or a big amount from the private sector market. Whatever may be the amount that you want to borrow there must be a strong business plan to back this missing of borrowing money from the market. An ideal plan is usually between twenty five to fifty pages. In these pages, there must be reference of the mission of the company, description of the skills and experience of the officials in the company, statement of income, sheets of balance and the total fund that the company wants to take from the market. This is a great starting point for taking any money from this market.

In addition to the written business plan, there must be some individuals who will be able to make the people understand about the details of the funding that the company has demanded from this private sector market. The individuals must be able to analyze the reasons why the company needs the money and what will be done with the amount. The reasons have to be justified properly so that the investors are assured completely and there is no doubt in their minds. So if you want to take money from the venture capitalists then you must have a clear idea about your needs and make rational requests to the business men who will be lending you money.

There will be times when you will get rejected by a businessman or a group of businessmen. But this must deter you. Instead you must try with renewed vigor and try to get money from the other prospective firms. Contact other firms until you find one which will give an affirmative reply. One must never take a NO for an answer.

Searching online or in print directories will help you to get information about these venture capitalists.

Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Having a small business does not mean that you will not focus on the marketing of the business. For small business owners it is even more important than the big companies. This is simply because their firms are small and they need to focus on making a name for their company. They need to have great marketing ideas for their firms so that they can make a name for the company and remain in this competitive market. Some simple ideas can be followed for this purpose.

The first and foremost thing that a small business firm must remember is that they have to be outstanding to get themselves noticed in this crowd of business firms. It is not longer a good thing to be good. You have to be outstanding and this will attract more customers to your business. This can be done by giving the customers of the company a great buying experience which they will cherish. You can also seek for new ways to communicate with the customer on various levels so that you will be able to understand their psyche well.

Another important question that strikes the mind of every small business owner is how much they want to grow in their business. This has to be answered before they plunge into the marketing aspects. How many customers they need to do this and what kind of customers will they require for this expansion are some basic questions that a small business owner must be aware of. You must also plan how much amount you want the new prospective customers to spend on your company’s product in the future.

You must never carry your ego when you are dealing with your prospective customers. There may be some people who will be rude and arrogant. Deal with them tactfully so that you do not lose out on a customer due to your ego. Con tolling the ego is very important therefore. You must device simple and unique techniques with the help of which you will be able to judge the response o the customer to a particular product manufactured by you company. This can be in the form of a promotional code or a different phone number to ring or a web page for people to visit.

The next step includes letting the customer know about the uniqueness of the product or service of your company. This will raise their interest in this product and they will want to buy it.
These are some steps that small business owners can take for marketing their business.

Know You Business Loan Requirements

A lot of businessmen fail to get the loan approvals in spite of fulfilling all the criteria’s set by the lenders because they simply cannot make them understand as to how they are going to use the loan amount in their businesses.

 Usually people think that starting a business is a small thing which can be done by anyone easily but it is not correct. Starting a business just doesn’t require paying rental for office building or for furniture in office. There is a lot of requirement for planning in establishing business or at least proper plan should be made as to how to use the start up cost of business for getting maximum returns.

Business bad credit personal loan are available in plenty and there are a lot of lenders who can offer you the desired amount provided you meet their qualifying criteria. The different requirements include a strong business set up or a strong business idea supported by the people with great business acumen and credentials which can convince the lenders that chances of the business failure are less and they can get their money back easily.

Planning Before the Launch of the business and the loan considerations

The very first thing a person should do is make a proper business plan before starting it. These planning should require for the things which is necessary for your business to run. This requirement is the essential thing without whose absence it is impossible to start a business. For example if you are planning to open a restaurant then you will require utensils and all as your basic needs. In case of opening a factory, you will require machineries as your basic needs. So with every new business there are other types of start up cost. As in case of opening book store your requirements will be something else and in case of opening a coffee shop your requirements will be something else.

But before opening a business there are some cost which are common and you have to spend money on them which are as follows:

1)     Research expenses

2)     Supplies of equipment

3)     Insurances, license fees

4)     Borrowing cost

5)     Advertising and promotions

6)     Employee expenses

7)     Technological expenses

1. Research Expenses: it is important for a person to research for the industry and the feedback of consumers related to that industry before starting a business. You can even hire professional who on your behalf research for market and assessment process. If you are planning to hire these professional then the expenses of hiring these professional should also be considered in business plans.

However, these are a lot easier these days with the online research. One can do a lot of research and can launch pilot projects to understand the consumer preferences. using social media websites one can easily reach to millions of consumers and within no time they can get the results which can be used to check their decisions.

2. Insurance, License and Permit Fees: before you start a business there are many type of formalities which you have to do to get the licences and permits for doing that particular business. These licences and permits also require some additional fees which you have to include in your business plans.
Gone are the days when one had to wait for several days and even months to get the necessary licences and the permits to start their operations. With the new technology and the e-governance one can really get the necessary approvals within no time. One can apply for these approvals loans with no credit check online and can check their status too.

3. Equipment and Supplies: there are always some needs of basic requirement of equipments and supplies for starting a business. When you are prepared with the list of necessary equipments and supplies then you have to make a decision that whether you will buy these equipments or take it on a lease. It is better to take these equipments on lease as less amount of money will be required in starting a business and later you can buy them if your business is going well. But sometimes it is better to buy some equipment as it becomes a permanent asset and even paying for those equipments on lease may be not beneficial.

4. Advertising and Promotion : For running of business it is necessary to advertise and promote your business. It is very important part of a business as if your business will not have customers then you cannot earn good money. Advertising and promotions help business to get customers as soon as possible as they attract customers by their professional skills. Advertisement and promotion also incur some cost so a person should include this cost in the list of their business plans.

The cost related to these expenses are also a lot more under control with the new technology setting in. A lot of companies are using online advertising and the SEO methods to reach to maximum consumers. The process of advertising using online techniques is a lot easier, cost effective and takes really little time as compare to the traditional methods.

5. Borrowing costs: You cannot save on your own to start a business. There is always requirement of some additional money which you have to borrow. You can get finance for your business through two ways, either from debt financing or by equity financing. Equity financing is issuing stock of your business but this finance system is not meant for small business entities. For small business finance debt financing is the way to get money which comes in the form of small business loans. These loans are easily available from banks, financial institutions, and small business administration (SBA). These loans charge interest on the borrowed amount. So a person should plan accordingly that how they’ll manage the inflow of cash in their business and the repayment of loan.

6. Employee Expenses: There is always a need of some employees in your business. You cannot work on your own in your business. So a businessman should have a proper backup for paying salaries to their employees and additional benefits sometimes. If you fail to pay proper money to employees then they might leave you and later you face difficulties to run your business without your employees. 

7. Technological Expenses : There is always need of some technological things in business like telephone, computers, internet, business website, particular software which helps for smooth running of business and maintaining huge data of business. It is important to plan for these expenses before only.

8.Cash on Hand : It is very necessary for businessmen to have some extra cash with him for the running of business. Many times business has failed because of lack of liquid cash with them and in emergencies they fail to qualify for loans to run their business in absence of some extra cash.

The Bottom Line

Starting a new business is not a very difficult task but it is important for a person to manage their finances which can help them to start their business easily and without spending money unnecessarily. If a person following some simple steps which are mentioned above then one can easily start their new business.

Having a complete understanding of the way the businesses work and the start up costs one can decide on the kind of funding they would require. A lot of businesses plan to grow in phases and hence for them a line of credit would work much better as compared to the traditional loans where they would begin paying the interest on the amount they take as loan immediately. One should take loans taking into consideration their requirements and the way these loans can help them achieve their business goals.

All Loans – Are you aware?

Getting loans is the easiest of the things today with multiple loans available and lenders ready to offer loans under any conditions and to people with any kind of financial credentials.

Once in a life time a person has to take loans to full fill their needs. These loans can be used for either funding for a new business or to purchase a car. There are number of things which you can do by these loans, it’s just you need to know that which loan will be best for you.

 Stay away from loans

There was a time when taking loans was seen as a sign of financial weakness of individuals. People would prefer to buy things on cash or using their savings rather than taking loans. There was another aspect to the same. The number of banks and lending agencies offering loans was limited and the lending norms were tough. Other than this the earning capacity of the individuals were limited and sufficient to just meet their day to day expenses rather than getting things of luxury. Taking loans at this website and buying items on loans was a difficult task and hence people would stay away from them.

However, with the consumerism coming in and the credit cards getting more and more popular and easily available, people would use them more frequently to meet their urgent needs and to fulfil their desire. Lenders and the banks were aware of the chancing lifestyle needs of the people and market studies suggested that there is a growing trend towards taking more loans.

Looking at the same the lenders came with multiple loan products to cater to the need of the borrowers. With the rising economy and the earning power of the individuals soon the lenders increased the loan portfolio and came up with even more products which would meet their needs.There were loans available for almost any requirement be it the big loans like the mortgage and the auto loans or the small loans like the personal loans and event the short term loans which could be offered for a few days only like the payday and the cash advance loans.

However, before you take a loan you need to be aware of your actual requirements and see to it that you take the loans which you take are going to help you achieve your financial goals.

 Here are some loans which are commonly taken by people.

1. Personal Loans: these are the loans which are offered by many banks and you can do whatever you want to do with these loans. You can use these loans for doing anything like buying stereo system or for paying off your bills, dues. These are unsecured loans and generally range between few hundreds to thousands. There is not much requirement of documents but you have to give a proof for your income. High interest rate is charged on this loan which is around 10 – 12 %. These loans are generally given for short period so if in case a person is looking for these loans to use it in a big project then he might face difficulties in paying them off later. These loans are good for person who wants it for small purpose if they are ok with the interest rate charged on them.

2. Credit Cards: credit cards are the cards which are given to people who use these cards to pay for their bills and agree to pay them on a specific date later each month. These are the very convenient form of credit which don’t require paper work all the time and these cards can be used anywhere to pay for anything. These cards have some limited amount of credit in them which you can use. These cards are easily available from banks in which you just have to fill an application form with your income and employment details. But there is always a drawback with every good thing. High rate of interest is charged on these credit cards which can be more than 20% a year. Even credit card is so convenient to use so people use it unnecessarily and come up with large debt on them.

3. Home-Equity Loans: these are the loans in which borrower get money on the basis of equity of their home. It means the loan amount which borrower will get will depend on the value of the borrower’s home. The interest rate charged on home equity loans are quite reasonable and is given for 15 to 20 years loans time. These loans system is good for those people who are planning to take loan of large amount. Even these loans are tax deductable.

4. Home-Equity Line of Credit: these loans are similar to home equity loans. In home equity loans borrower is borrowing money on the equity of his house and in these loans money keep on revolving which means that the borrower can take some money and later he can repay a portion of that money and borrow it again later. It is like a credit card in which the credit limit of your card is based on the equity of your house. These loans can get repaid in 10 to 20 year time. These loans are quite good for funding large projects. In these loans you can borrow some specific amount time to time. The interest rate charged on these loans is on the basis of prime rate. This interest rate system might be beneficial at one point and can be non beneficial at another point. As in this interest rate it can be low at a point and can get higher at another point. In these loans the amount can be as high as $500,000 according to the equity of house so it might be good if interest rate is low but if rate go high then borrower have to pay very large interest amount on the borrowed amount.

5. Cash Advances: these are the short terms loans offered by credit – card companies. These cash advances can get tax benefits from IRS against the future income earned by you.

 These loans are easily available but it comes with many drawbacks:

1)   The interest rate charged on the loan amounts is quite high and the processing fees are also high in the loan system.

2)   The amount of loan given on these is in hundreds so these are not good for large projects.

3)   They are not tax deductable

These loans amount is not good for every purpose but if in case someone want money in short duration then he can apply for these loans as it take less time in processing and the loan amount is given directly on borrowers hand. These loans are not preferred with everyone as payday loans are also almost same and they are better loan system as less interest rate and processing fees is involved in payday loans as compare to these cash advance loans.

6. Small Business Loans:
these are the loans given to those people who are planning to start a new business but they only qualify for these loans when their business plan get approval from small business administration (SBA). SBA goes through the borrower’s business plan and finances them if it is good. But borrowers have to pledge any of his asset as collateral against the loan amount as risk is involved with lenders.

No matter what is the type of loan you take you need to ascertain that you have the right plans to take care of the loan repayments. If you know that the resources are there which can take care of your loan repayments you can take the decision.

How To Get Free Health Insurance Quotes Online

Many persons are looking for a company which able to provide the best insurance quotes online but your privacy will not secure which one of the things that make many people worries. If you are looking for insurance quotes with privacy than you must always use those companies sites that offer secure web pages and does not give third parties access to the data provided. In some cases, you will be asked for contact information in the registration form on the site, said company representative can call up the desired information. Estimates may also be sent to you when to contact you.

If you choose an instant online quote for health insurance, there are several programs that you can choose. Some of these estimates can be individual, family, employer group, short term or limited health insurance.

For these estimates, medical care for their business, all you have to do is zip code, if you are looking for more people, then fill out an application on the basis of society. The results cover only companies that can work out.

There are some companies that are able to offer you a quote for you after making important information available in person. This information includes age, height, sex and weight. There are some companies that provide information about medical conditions you have before you need to make an instant health insurance quote online.

The rate of coverage by insurance companies is constantly increasing and, therefore, the Internet is an essential resource for research services at affordable prices. Internet offers the opportunity to look at the different ranges and prices, and the only limitation is the time you have. This saves much time compared to walking from one company to another in search of a reasonable estimate.

If you want to find a free health insurance quotes online, you can search according to medical needs and financial situation. This means that you do not need to consult an insurance agent before you know exactly what you want. Insurance agents are under pressure to cover for you and this may be to choose a big mistake financially.

Comparing the different estimates of the coverage you need, you will save a lot of money. After obtaining the results is as important details, because in some cases, some additional benefits that are provided are not necessary and not end up costing more.

What You Should Know About Online Payday Loans

Payday loans concept.Let’s be honest: In spite of the criticism lobbed at payday lenders, there are many consumers who would face eviction or cold nights without heat were it not for access to small, no-collateral loans. These lenders have a strong following because there is a demographic that relies on their lending services to make ends meet when paychecks can’t be stretched any further.

Online Access to Payday Loans

Payday lenders set up operations in neighborhoods where residents are likely to need their services. Online payday loans are a natural progression of these lending services, creating opportunities for borrowers who cannot go to a storefront location. The application is completed, submitted and verified online. If approved, borrowers will have the loan amount transmitted to their bank account by the following business day.

Risks of Online Convenience

As with all Internet transactions, there are concerns about data security and patient privacy with online payday loan applications. These forms require personal information that data hackers are always after.

Additionally, slick websites offering payday loans may not always be lender sites. Some of these websites belong to lead generators who collect the information to resell to lenders. Applicants may find themselves inundated with calls and offers to lend after submitting an application form.

Some lead generators may actually be helpful. Legitimate operations will have a network of reliable online payday loan lenders to whom applications are sent for approval. However, it may require some detective work to sort out useful websites from those with sketchy business practices.

How to Minimize the Risks of Applying Online for Payday Loans

For applicants, protecting personal information can be as simple as choosing to do business only with legitimate payday lenders. Consider using the services of one that is associated with a storefront operation that is familiar or that you have already dealt with in the past. Use Google to find any negative reviews and scam reports on the companies before turning over your information to them. Be wary of websites that issue disclaimers about their loan aggregator status in small print.

Before entering any data on the form, verify that the site is secure and that security certificates are valid. When filling out the application form, limit information provided to the minimum required to process the application.

Be suspicious of any sites that require applicants to pay processing fees upfront and out of pocket. Alarm bells should go off if the site asks for credit card numbers or money order payments for fees on a loan that is yet to be approved.

Do your due diligence before volunteering your data to online payday lenders. Legitimate businesses will have working phones manned by humans. Contact phone numbers provided if only to verify the quality of their customer service prior to doing business with them.

Online payday loans are not for everybody. However, those who need cash advances to tide them over until the next paycheck arrives are only too glad to have a more convenient way to access emergency loans. For more information about online payday loans, visit

Nam is a finance expert writer who has a particular interest in covering topics on loans. He’s a regular contributor on

Zero Interest Rate Balance Transfer Credit Cards – Is it a Worth Deal or is it a Ensnare

Balance Transfer Credit CardsNowadays, many credit card companies offering zero interest rate or low interest rate balance transfer credit cards to customers. They are confirmed, this is the key solution of your financial problems. They lean to offer promos and many exciting gifts to signing up. These are big deals but like all companies they don’t make things for at no cost after it will all dip to business. So before going to get low interest balance transfer cards, you should judge, they are helpful or just business trap, this is good to know and having knowledge about it, how it process and why sign up for it.

Fundamentals on low interest balance transfer credit cards

Meaning of “low interest balance transfer” is, transferring your balance dues from one card to another company card. And another question is, why would you want to transfer your balance dues? The answer is, reducing cost. Different cards offer a minimum interest rate that makes it attracting mainly to those who have large amount dues.

What will I get from low interest rate balance credit cards?

This is the great deal to having low interest balance transfer credit cards. You save much since you pay smaller than what actual you have been reimbursing for. With the appropriate tactic you should be able to obtain immense deals once you have signed on.

In selecting the right balance card, you should analyze, compare offering interest rate of cards, fees, terms and conditions and possible benefits and offers. Review your financial resources and make confirm that you are able to pay new card monthly charges.

What do credit card providers get in offering low interest rate balance transfer credit cards?

In market, many credit card holder companies offer low interest rate balance transfer to attract customer. But you get this low rate, when you follow the promotions whatever they offer you after you signed up. These companies track you credit standing, if it is fine then you catch to make the most of it. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to get low interest rate.

In current hard time, choosing the right cards may be the problem solving solution to your financial problems but it is crucial to recognize what you are getting.

How to Choose an Investment Partner

Successful entrepreneurs will find that private equity investors will be beating down their doors. However, it is integral not to simply choose the first investor, or second or third, simply because they are there. Rather, choosing an investment partner is a critical decision that requires a great deal of insight into what a business needs and which investor is uniquely capable of providing for those needs.

What are the Needs of the Business?

To find an investor that can provide for a business’s needs, one must first have a thorough knowledge of precisely what those needs are. Some entrepreneurs will be seeking growth equity. Others will look for investors who can provide personal liquidity.  Still others may be searching for a management buyout. To complicate things further, it may be that an entrepreneur is seeking an investor who can provide for a combination of all three of these objectives. Ask, “Why do I need to raise capital?” and then explore that answer fully before choosing any one investor at all.

What Are Potential Investor’s Reputations Like?

Once the matter of precisely why investors are needed in the first place has been settled, the field of possibilities can be narrowed down to a manageable few. Now is the time to do a little homework into potential investors’ backgrounds. Look into the following for each firm that is being considered:

  • Capital resources
  • Size
  • Track record
  • Stability

While looking into this background information, try to get a feel for each firm’s success. Pay close attention to relevant experience with similar companies. Also, an entrepreneur will want to take special note of whether or not the firm in question has a track record of generating returns for business owners as well as investors.

Do the Potential Investors Mesh Well with the Business Culture?

At this point, it’s time to begin the interviewing process. The goal here is to sort out the folks who simply won’t mesh well with the established culture within a business. For example, some entrepreneurs may want investors to completely overhaul the company. Others will want investors who offer advice without actively interfering in the day to day running of the business. Use interviews to delineate which investment partners will naturally work well with set ideals.

Trust is Essential

Other than simply getting a better idea of how potential investors function, the interviews should also give the entrepreneur an opportunity to measure the head of the investment firm personally. If one’s gut proclaims the person sitting across from them is untrustworthy, they probably are. Don’t underestimate the power of intuition and chemistry.

Is the Investment Firm Stable

Although stability has already been addressed briefly, now is the time to take a deeper inventory of the last investment candidates. Situations that small business owners will want to focus on are:

  • Turnover in staff.
  • Retaining current investors while raising other funds.
  • Has a succession plan been implemented?

Choosing the right investment partner isn’t a simple matter and should be approached with due diligence. Some, such as Pacific West Capital Group, have enough experience to jump through the above hurdles with no problems.

How to Get a Pay Check Advance

Most pay day lenders are willing to loan up to one thousand dollars. The vast majority of lending institutions that are featured online offer reasonable interest rates and loan pre-approval in as little as fifteen minutes. With online applications now available with the vast majority of these easily accessible lenders, you can potentially get the fast cash you need within just twenty four hours and without a credit check.

Paycheck Advance Basics

Payday loans are simply small loans that can be utilized by a borrower for any reason until the next payday. These are short term loans that are not intended to be employed in the long term or for substantial purchases such as a home or car. Paycheck advances are a safe and considerably convenient way of allowing a borrower the opportunity to expand upon their buying power to cover unexpected or unfortunate expenses such as back to school costs or medical bills.

Basic Requirements

Nearly every payday advance lender requires some significant source of steady income in order to qualify for a payday loan. Other general requirements are the proof of a verifiable source of recurring income that will signify that you are capable of paying back the amount of the loan. Some lenders will ask for a checking or savings account that has been open and active for a minimum of one month prior to the application for pay check advance. In certain cases, those customers who do not have a direct deposit system in place may be permitted one business day as a grace period from the day that their paycheck was received to deposit the check.

The most fundamental and universal requirements for paycheck advances however are age requirements and particular income standards. Every individual seeking one of these loans must be of eighteen years old or older and possess a gross income of at least one thousand dollars monthly. Though many paycheck advance lenders do not enforce credit check requirements, borrowers may not be currently in debt or involved in a bankruptcy case. All applicants are required to be a resident of the state in which the loan is being applied whether the application has been completed online or not.

General Paycheck Advance Process

Getting a paycheck advance is a fairly simple process that can be done easily online. The online applications that are offered by most lenders only take a matter of minutes. Some of these lenders provide a pre-approval process that can take as little as sixty seconds with an online application submission. After an applicant and prospective borrower has completed the initial steps, an underwriter will usually contact the customer to verify all data that was received on the application. Once a loan request has been approved, funds can either be directly deposited into an active checking account within a matter of twenty four hours or so. When certain difficult or unexpected situations arise, getting an advance on your paycheck can be the ideal solution.

Survey Reveals The Benefits Of Early Retirement Savings

Middle age is often associated with changing attitudes towards money and long term financial planning. This is often the point at which a person begins to take retirement saving seriously. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Wells Fargo revealed that people in their thirties are currently more actively concerned with retirement planning than in other age brackets. What does this mean for today’s financial landscape?

People are saving more money for tomorrow

 According to the survey, people in their thirties who are actively saving for retirement are setting aside approximately 6% of their gross monthly income. Even though this is well below the 15% retirement savings recommended by financial planners, it is still more than the 5% that people in their forties are currently saving. That little extra saved up over a decade translates into a more robust retirement account. Consider this:

  • The retirement savings of some of these people can be augmented by the 401(k) plans offered by employers
  • Single and married adults in their thirties are thinking seriously about retirement planning
  • People in their thirties are projected to need a median amount of $500,000 for a secure retirement

 Today’s thirty-somethings are dealing with a new set of financial challenges but they are also being creative and assertive in how they meet those challenges.

 How this generation is planning their retirement

 Good retirement planning requires a long term strategy and data suggests that these up and coming savers are very interested in having one. Laurie Nordquist, the head of Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust, commented on the Harris Interactive findings saying that thirty-somethings “were more apt to have a plan and their plan was more specific.” Plans that included a retirement budget sheet and projected health care costs were not uncommon. This group of people were also more likely to have a written retirement plan to guide their saving; around 34% of people in this age group reported having a written plan. This percentage is similar to the amount of people in their fifties who have a written retirement plan (31%) and people age 60 – 75 (33%). When compared to the 24% of people in their forties who have such a plan, it becomes clear that younger savers are taking seriously the value of structured retirement planning.

 Nordquist went on to point out that having a plan correlated to having a larger retirement fund. Regardless of income level, people in their thirties who drew up a retirement plan and used that to guide their savings effort “had saved three times more towards their goal than those who didn’t have a plan.”

 Changing attitudes towards investing

 Investments have long been a mainstay of retirement planning strategies. The Harris Interactive study revealed changing attitudes towards investing and its place within a retirement plan. So even though investors earn a median of 7%-10% return on investments each year, survey respondents reported a lack of confidence. Specifically about 75% of respondents with $50,000 – $100,000 annual income said that they are “not very confident” or “not at all confident” that the stock market investing is a good retirement strategy. 80% of respondents with less than $50,000 said the same thing.

 While confidence in the long term performance of stocks is currently low, it is clear that younger and younger people are seeing the wisdom in early retirement savings. With the help of a solid retirement plan people in their thirties are meeting the challenge of retirement savings head on.

Ed Dressel is a financial planning consultant who writes on topics related to retirement planning calculators at Ask Trak, a financial planning software development company based in Dallas, OR.